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Aminul Isalm

Aminul Isalm
Software Engineer in GPIT (Global Professional IT)

Software engineers will usually fall into one of two categories, systems developers or application developers.ย 

As aย systems developerย (sometimes called a backend engineer), youโ€™ll build things like computer systems and networks that front-end (user-facing) applications will need. You can do this by:

  • Ensuring that different types of software programs communicate with each other on one platform

  • Creating and enforcing IT standards within an infrastructureย 

  • Maintaining documentation of IT systemsย 

  • Updating to new technologies as needed

  • Collaborating with development teams, senior systems architects, and data science professionalsย 

Working as anย application developerย is more client-focused. You may work on either the front or back end of the system, designing software that the end user will interact with. Tasks might include:

  • Developing applications for iOS, Android, Windows, or other operating systems

  • Conducting an analysis of requirements and tweaking software as needed

  • Releasing software updates

  • Working with graphic designers, customer service staff, project managers, and other customer-facing departmentsย