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Real Estate ERP Software

Best Real Estate ERP Software company in Dhaka and ISP ERP Custom Solution
Best Real Estate ERP Software company in Dhaka Bangladesh and ISP ERP Custom Solution

Best Real Estate ERP Software company in Dhaka Bangladesh and ISP ERP Custom Solution

Construction And Real Estate Software Are Important, Flexible, And Easy To Use. Stay Automated With Us.

Businesses need to manage their regular force to get good results in the end. We develop software for businesses that is product- predicated or Dealer predicated. You can maintain your customer information, deals information, Challan dupe, Bill dupe, Purchase information, InventoryΒ Management System, StockΒ Management System, Warehouse, and multitudinous further goods. You can maintain your complete business from one single platform. They're also a managerial authorization part where you can authorize deals. Business automation software is truly useful for the owner and director of the business. It creates a transparent terrain in the business sector. Make your business operation easy and absolute. Get the perfect result for your business using our smart and advanced real-state operation software.Β Proper business accounting of real estate business requires up-to-date software as well as payment, marketing, sales, and receiving to update all profit and loss activities of the company.Β 

The importance of ERP software for real estate business is immense. If you have good real estate software then all the work of your office or your organization's business can be done easily with fewer people. Real estate ERP software is the software that can solve all the tasks properly and add modules as per one's needs if needed.

Β In GPIT Real Estate ERP Software, you get all modules like HR, and Human Resource Management System, you can easily setup all company information, branch information like how many branches your company has, department information, position information, attendance officers, and employees, leave balance. . Process, quit applications, and everything. In this module, you will get all the reports. We believe GPIT's real estate software is the most effective among all software companies in Bangladesh today. With this software, you can maintain all the information of your organization starting from your employees and all your company information beautifully and it is very user-friendly. This software will give you a single-click solution. Check the balance in short.

Β The accounting department is very important for any company. You will easily find all information about company receipt payments, chart of accounts, journal vouchers, and everything in the accounts section. GPIT Real Estate ERP software is rich in all the modules required by the accounts department, through this software you will get all the steps of the entry process. In addition to Chart of Accounts, Cash Payments, Check Payments, Check Receipts, Cash Receipts, Purchase Invoices, and general reports, you will find your account reports, list of transactions and financial reports, and company account statements. GPIT is currently developing the best real estate software among the software development companies in Bangladesh. If you want to get the best real estate software then you can trust GPIT.

A significant module of real estate ERP software is the land purchase system. If your land purchase procedure module is not working properly, it is very difficult to get the land purchase report if all the information is missing or missing. Because when the land is bought, how many owners are there? Who was the previous owner, from whom the land was purchased, or who was the previous owner, is the land being purchased at the current location, all information about the location, everything?

You will develop the land through your real estate company and sell it to your desired customers, then you will face many problems if your purchasing method is not right. In that case, if your purchase method is correct, the purchase history of your land will also be in the software. In this case, you don't need to search the history of each client file. You just search for the customer ID number and you will get all the information in just one click. In this purchase module, you will get dag information, verification, negotiation status, earnest information, and registration, we will also have all your land information, and also mauza information and media information, through which reference you have purchased land, media reference, registration office information, No registration office. Land registry information. Occupation information of land buyer and donor. If you want to buy land, the documents you need are a NID card, and birth certificate, in general, if you want to buy land, you can upload all the documents you need.