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Best Professional Graphic Design Course In Bangladesh

Best Professional Graphic Design Course In Bangladesh
There is a huge demand for graphics design in almost all countries of the world including Bangladesh, the demand for graphics design in the online marketplace and corporate sector is increasing day by day.

Why should you learn graphic design❓ Learning or what to do❓ Can you really earn money by freelancing❓ How much help will this course be in getting a corporate job as a graphic designer quickly❓ Join GPIT's Graphics Design and get answers to all your questions. Freelancing is a free class.

🎯Guaranteed income during the course.

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There is a huge demand for graphics design in almost all countries of the world including Bangladesh, the demand for graphics design in the online marketplace and corporate sector is increasing day by day. In addition to being able to advertise your own business more effectively, you can also make an impact in the freelance market as a graphic designer. Currently, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, and UI Design are the most used graphic designing software. This course will provide you with all the ins and outs of these tools and prepare you as a professional designer. With these tools, you will be able to create design templates for logos, icons, posters, advertisements, magazines, and more.

Our graphic designing course outline will help you learn design tools to create attractive design templates. All our trainers are successful in both their freelancing and professional careers. After completing this course, you can work as a graphic designer on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com, etc. We will give you proper guidance for this. Also, you can sell your designs on design marketplaces like Freepik, 99 Designs, Adobe Stock, etc.

✅At present our official work is becoming online based and business organizations are constantly establishing themselves online. With the development of technology, the demand for skilled people is increasing. Due to this almost all countries of the world including Bangladesh now have a huge demand for graphics design, the demand for graphics design in the online marketplace and corporate sector is increasing day by day. Along with that, there is increasing competition, to survive in the competition you must be technically proficient and also earn along with skill through proper guidelines.

✅ Now the question is how will you be efficient? Nowadays there are many free resources online from which you can get a basic idea. But if you want to get complete guidance and support in this sector to be successful, then you must take a course from a professional trainer or from an institution. It is called urgent because you can definitely get ideas from free sources but you will not get proper guidelines when you face various problems. And by developing this skill, you will get endless opportunities to build a career and earn through active income and a passive income in the freelancing sector. And considering these aspects, GPIT has come up with a professional graphic design and freelancing online and offline courses. Through this, you too can inshallah build a successful career and also earn from the international marketplace. So register now to take courses with long-time experienced trainers and freelancers.

🔰 What is in the course module:

✅ 1. Adobe Photoshop

✅ 2. Adobe Illustrator

✅ 3. Adobe InDesign

✅ 4. Adobe XD or UI Design

✅ 5. Freelancing

📌 Course Duration and Benefits:

Course duration: 3 months.

✅ Two days a week, class time 2 hours, total 24 classes

✅ Careful training arrangements for employees and seniors

✅ Emphasis on note-taking in class

✅ Guaranteed income during the course

✅ There is a certificate after successful completion of the course.

🎯The course will be conducted by a long time experienced and successful freelancer 

Trainers :

1. Tanzila Khatun, Professional Graphic Designer Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com

2. Khondaker Nazim Uddin, Former Instructor: NYDTI, KIT, NIT, NCIT

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Graphic Design Course Module

Total Class: 29 | Total Hour: (29x2) = 58


Adobe Photoshop: Total Class: 14

Class: 1

1.       Document Setup (Unit, Resolution, Color Mode)

2.       Interface Overview

3.       Zoom in / out, Document Pan

4.       Move the tool and its options

5.       Selection Tools (with sub-selections and options)

6.       Color Apply, Fill / Stroke, Undo/Redo

7.       Layer Panel (Create / Delete Layer, Layer selection, Opacity / Fill, Align & Distribution.

8.       Text Panel

9.       Save and Save As (Explain different file formats)

Project:    Cartoon Character | Facebook banner sketch and draw in PS

Class: 2

1.       Brush Tool(Create new brush, Download brush, Brush settings)

2.       Eraser Tool

3.       Crop Tool, Image Size

Project: Landscape | FB banner using Crop Tool

Class: 3

1.       Adjustment Layer / Image Adjustment options

2.       Layer Blending Mode

3.       Layer Mask, Link Layers

Project: Image manipulation

Class: 4

          1.         Spot Healing Brush Tool

          2.         Healing Brush Tool

          3.         Patch Tool

          4.         Red Eye Tool

          5.         Clone Stamp Tool

          6.         Pattern Stamp Tool

Project: Spot removal

Class: 5

1.       Pen Tool (Shape / Path / Pixel) including nested tools and options

2.       Paths Panel (Save Path, New Path, Path to Selection, Selection to Path)

3.       Path Selection Tool / Direct Selection Tool

4.       Professional Clipping Path

5.       Quick Mask Mode

Project: Product Clipping | Clipping a-z

Class: 6

1.       History Brush Tool / Art History Brush Tool

2.       Gradient Tool / Paint Bucket Tool

3.       Blur Tool / Sharpen Tool / Smudge Tool

4.       Dodge Tool / Burn Tool / Sponge Tool

Project:    Image Gallery sketch and draw in PS with a cover using Art History Brush Tool

Class: 7

1.       Shape Tool

2.       Print ready documents using bleed and Guide

Project: Business Card | Custom Web banner

Class: 8

1.       Layer Styles

Project: Wooden Box


1.       Smart Object

Project: Creating Mockup | Shadow Creation


1.       Animation

Project: Animated Ad | Web Button | Blinking Web Button

Class: 11

1.       All Menu at a glance

2.       Effects

Project: Comet | Image to Sketch

Class: 12

1.       Hair Masking

Project: Refine Edge / Alpha Channel / Background Eraser Tool

Class: 13

1.       Action

2.       Preference

Project: Resize 10 images using Action

Class: 14

1.       Exam




Illustrator Course Module: Total Class: 11

Class: 1

1.       User Interface, Units, Width & Height, Orientation, Bleed

2.       Screen Mode, Actual Size, Fit artboard in the window

3.       Selection Tool, Pen Tool, Type Tool, Shape Tool, Gradient Tool (Gradient Pallet)

4.       Hand Tool and document pan, Zoom Tool and zoom in and out

5.       Option Bar

6.       Apply Color (Color Pallet), Fill, Stroke (Stroke Pallet)

7.       Undo / Redo, Group / Ungroup, Lock / Unlock, Hide / Unhide, Guide / Grid

8.       Copy, Paste with different options

9.       Outline and pixel preview

10.   Save and Save As (Explain different file formats)

11.   Preference, Setting up Workspaces

12.   Transparency, Transform, Align, Pathfinder, Layer, Text, and Paragraph Panel

Project: Business Card


Class: 2

1.       Black vs. Rich Black

2.       Creating and Saving new Color Swatches

3.       Stroke Panel, Brush Panel

4.       Scale Tool, Rotate Tool, Reflect Tool

Project: Flyer / Leaflet


Class: 3

1.       Making Use of the Join Command

2.       Warp, Pucker & Bloat Tools

Project: Brochure (2/3 part)


Class: 4

1.       Gradient Mesh

2.       Blend Tool

Project: Logo


Class: 5

1.       Text Effects

2.       Placing images and other artwork, Link or embed images

3.       Clip objects

4.       Image trace

Project: Calendar


Class: 6

1.       Shape Builder Tool

2.       Mask, Knockout Group, Opacity Mask

Project: Button | Icon | String pattern


Class: 7

1.       Effect Menu

2.       Appearance Panel with Effect, Multiple fills & strokes on a path

Project: Book cover


Class: 8

1.       3d (Extrude & Bevel, Revolve, Rotate)

Project: 3d bottle with a label


Class: 9

1.       Preparing Print documents and Save

Project: Trade Fair Banner


Class: 10

1.       Discuss problems

Project: Cartoon Character | Paper Ad | Product Label


Class: 11

1.       Discuss problems

Project: Product Packaging Design


Class: 12

1.       Exam


Online Marketplace (Outsourcing): Total Class: 3


Class: 1, 2, 3

1.       Activity at online marketplaces