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In today's business, we connect various systems to make your business easier and faster. Product Data Management (PDM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are the most important and fastest-growing computer-integrated systems for the garment, apparel, and textile industries as all the business departments like sales, marketing, accounting, purchasing, administration, information of the company's revenue, expenditure, profit- Damage can be monitored anytime and anywhere.

It is important to communicate marketing data and product data with the entire business system to modify line development, process planning, and scheduling calendars to calculate volume, stock materials, production costs, and margins to meet an organization's deadlines, quality, and profitability. Any apparel and fashion company is dealing with various types of data such as text data (measurements, schedules, production plans, operation data, project data), numerical data (equations, calculations, numerical data), design data (sketches, patterns, markers, drawings), and voice data. PDM and ERP are two important digital tools that support product data in the collaborative design and manufacturing process of products. And we understand your needs. We know what kind of software your organization needs. For details or to book your request or schedule for a presentation.

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